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Professional Organizing – I hop in and make your spaces organized, more functional and visually appealing.

Organization System Implementation – You can opt for me to purchase supplies on your behalf (ie, hangers, bins, containers, baskets, hooks, shelves, etc) to implement or install during the session. I aim to give you your desired outcome!

Digital Decluttering – Organize files on your PC, laptop or removable hard drives. Years of photos can be put into order for safe retention and quick retrieval.

Going Paperless – Reduce persistent paper clutter and replace outdated filing systems with easier-to-access, earth-friendly digital methods using programs like Evernote. I can digitize your existing files, implement systems that work for you & teach you how to use and maintain them.

Moving Assistance – I provide packing skills that ensure you’ll be organized no matter where you go! Upon arrival at your new home, relax! I’ll unpack to get all of your things into the places where they belong, stress-free.

Practical Advice – Learn practical tips and tricks to maintaining the order long after I have left your home.

Donation Drop Off – My sessions include up to 1 carload of donations dropped-off on your behalf at the conclusion of the session.


 $40/hour, currently with a minimum of 2-hour sessions.

I can work with budget limitations as well. (ie, set a hard stop at 3 hours per session)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical organizing session with you look like?

After our in-home consultation, we’ll put a session or sessions on the calendar. Most organizing sessions end after about 3 hours, but they can go as long as 5 or 6 hours, depending on the project and the your schedule or needs.

What if I don’t like ANYONE to be in my home? What if I never have guests over and I feel too embarrassed to have you come over?

Please know that this is a very common concern! Also know that I am here to provide a service for you, to do so professionally and without judgment. It is the role of a professional organizer to assess, make a game plan, and then tackle!

To properly make that assessment, an in-home consultation is not only a necessity, but also a great opportunity to get comfortable with each other! Every project starts with a first step. I would be happy to chat over the phone before my in-home consultation.

What if I have kids? Pets? Husbands? (wait…)

First of all, I am totally a cat person and a dog person. I love ‘em both! I’ll want to get to know them a little bit, so bring on the pets!

I think it’s great for kids to see and experience the organizing process as a healthy habit to learn and live by when they grow up. If they’re old enough and it makes sense for the project, they are welcome to be part of the process!

Spouses, if possible and when applicable, should be involved in decision-making and supportive of the ultimate goals of the household.

These are your housemates and you know them best; if you feel we’ll be more productive on our own, then feel free to make arrangements to ensure an uninterrupted space during the organizing session.

Does my project/our sessions/the work we do stay private? How is this guaranteed? Can I limit what you share about our sessions together?

I do have a confidentiality agreement that I will share with you before & during the consultation! The agreement is to be signed by both of us before commencing work.

The signing of photo releases for “Before & After” photos is completely optional – if you don’t want your project photos to be public, they will not be!

What should I do to prepare for your visit?

Honestly? Nothing! It’s best for me to consult with you in your home and see your space as it normally looks day-to-day.

During the consultation, I may make some preparation recommendations for you if I feel it would help to make our scheduled organizing visit run more efficiently.

Should I buy organizing supplies? Do you purchase them? How does this work?

Please refrain from purchasing supplies before the consultation! I want to save you money, and purchasing new supplies is not always necessary to get the job done right. During the consultation, if I believe you would benefit from specific organizational items, I will make recommendations and we’ll discuss options then.

I can purchase supplies on your behalf for an additional fee. Alternatively, you can purchase them on your own time. I am quite flexible and every client’s needs are different, so with that in mind, we’ll have several different options in tackling the organizing supplies!

Do I have to be present when you come to organize for me?

Your choice! Some clients prefer to be hands-on while others are busy with other tasks to tackle during my visit. Whatever your preference might be, the ultimate decision-making will still fall to you, the client. I will never make decisions on your behalf that you have not agreed to.

How do I pay you?

I currently accept PayPal, personal checks or cash.

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