My Story

Hi! I’m Angelika

Professional organizer

I don’t just talk the talk – I am walking the walk.

I have been the “before” and the “after”! I GET it. I’ve done the process with myself.

I thought I had achieved the American Dream when I purchased my first home in 2013. I landed a brand-new home on a cul-de-sac & I was so proud to have checked that big milestone off my list. But over just a few short years, as my then-partner and I moved in, that house became so cluttered and bogged down with hand-me-downs, gifts, unfinished projects, excess purchases, and LIFE.. it got to a point where my home was full, I felt I lost control, and different areas of my home would send my stress levels through the roof. I remember walking into the 2-car garage, which, by the way, couldn’t even house a single vehicle – and bursting into tears because I felt so overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to begin. I subsequently experienced fatigue, depression, irritability, loss of purpose and serious de-motivation.

Fast forward to 2017… I sold that house. I spent months and months downsizing as I prepared the home for sale and to formally close that chapter of my life. In that time, I mastered joyful giving and donating, and figured out the best ways to quickly sell things or to otherwise get your old things into the hands of local folks who could use them. I went from living in 1,400 jam-packed square feet to what is now my current home, a 250 square foot travel trailer that I share with my husband. We spent 6 months gutting and renovating it with practicality and functionality in mind (while living in it – with a dog and a cat – yup!). We still currently live in this home while we prepare for our dream home!

My mission is to help women in the Puget Sound area to transform their homes into the zen retreats that they deserve.

I aim to take the burden of organizing and de-cluttering from their shoulders and inspire them to continue their journey and maintain their success.

I’ll work with you to organize your home stress free.

I grew up in a messy, disorganized home. I know what it feels like for that to be the norm. I have experienced downsizing and de-cluttering firsthand, and in fact, I truly enjoy it. I experience the journey towards minimalism everyday because I’m always working towards my ideal minimal life.

I am not just a professional organizer for hire – I am an individual who cherishes the idea of making her living performing tasks that she undeniably loves doing, for people who are struggling with their own circumstances.

Professional Organizing

I hop in and make your spaces organized, more functional and visually appealing.


Organization System Implementation

You can opt for me to purchase supplies on your behalf (ie, hangers, bins, containers, baskets, hooks, shelves, etc) to implement or install during the session. I aim to give you your desired outcome!


Practical Advice

Learn practical tips and tricks to maintaining the order long after I have left your home.

Donation Drop Off

My sessions include up to 1 carload of donations dropped-off on your behalf at the conclusion of the session.

Your time is Now!

Let’s Get Organized!