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A minimalistic, orderly, calm, and peaceful home environment directly affects your well-being. Acquiring clutter can take years and getting out of it can be a long, overwhelming process if you try to do it alone. I truly believe that every woman deserves a peaceful retreat from chaos and stress by means of an organized home with functional, lasting systems that are uniquely tailored to their personality and lifestyle. It is my mission to provide you with a big breath of fresh air that is beyond worth the cost of the service.

Hi! I’m Angelika

I help give people like you a boost of motivation by showing them that long-term success is possible when it comes to organizing, de-cluttering and setting up your residence (or specific areas within) which steamrolls into more areas of your home getting “renovated”. You will learn multiple ways that you can ‘keep it up’ long after I am gone.


I’ve Gotcha Covered!

Professional Organizing – I hop in and make your spaces organized, more functional and visually appealing.

Organization System Implementation – You can opt for me to purchase supplies on your behalf (ie, hangers, bins, containers, baskets, hooks, shelves, etc) to implement or install during the session. I aim to give you your desired outcome!

Digital Decluttering – Organize files on your PC, laptop or removable hard drives. Years of photos can be put into order for safe retention and quick retrieval.

Going Paperless – Reduce persistent paper clutter and replace outdated filing systems with easier-to-access, earth-friendly digital methods using programs like Evernote. I can digitize your existing files, implement systems that work for you & teach you how to use and maintain them.

Moving Assistance – I provide packing skills that ensure you’ll be organized no matter where you go! Upon arrival at your new home, relax! I’ll unpack to get all of your things into the places where they belong, stress-free.

Practical Advice – Learn practical tips and tricks to maintaining the order long after I have left your home.

Donation Drop Off – My sessions include up to 1 carload of donations dropped-off on your behalf at the conclusion of the session.

Recent Makeovers


Happy Clients

Angelika was very helpful in getting my pantry baseline organized so that I could easily view what food items I have available and what I need to restock. This saves me time and money – I can quickly find what I need to make a meal and avoid purchasing something I already have stocked. The latter also saves time and money by preventing extra trips to the store. Angelika did her work quickly and with a pleasant attitude. Thanks Angelika! – Linda in Allyn

Angelika is one of the most organized, helpful, upbeat people you could hope to find to help you manage your clutter. My closet has never been this well organized and even color coded, or had non-closet items actually MOVED to their rightful places in the house or donated 😊 – Mel in Allyn

My whole house was an organizational disaster. With two kids and one on the way and a husband deployed with the Navy, it is very hard for me to keep up with the constant whirlwind of mess happening on a daily basis. I was so glad to find out that Angelika provided the exact service I was looking for.

We started with my office, which was the catch-all room for all sorts of items. Angelika came and organized all of the items by category and even helped me get rid of things I forgot I even had. She turned an obstacle course of a room into a clean, organized space.

Needless to say, she did such a good job, I asked her to come back to help me with other parts of my home. Next time she came over we worked on two of my most cluttered closets, and after she was done, I felt like huge weights were lifted off of my shoulders.

Her schedule was very flexible, and she always shows up on time and with a positive attitude. I feel like a new person every time she finishes a session with me (even though she does most of the work). I am looking forward to having her come back to help me with the rest of my house! – A.P. in Bremerton

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